Online Hosting

Software can be accessed anywhere using the KMS Secure Server

Never before has there been such diverse ways for people to work. In day's gone working involved going to work, sitting at a desk and then going home. Now, thanks to the connected world we live in in, it's becoming the norm for staff to work at different locations, at home, or on the go. Regardless of where they are people will still need to access their systems and information. This is where KMS can help.

The KMS Secure Server

We provide an online secure portal for you to access your systems, such as a database, online anywhere in the world. Our secure server uses the latest secure technology to make sure you can access your systems safely and securely. We currently use a TLS 1.2 Connection, which is the latest technology availabe commercially for secure connections.

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

As with all our projects at KMS Solutions, we develop your system with your ideas in mind. We'll involve you in the development process from an early stage, and let you use the system as we are developing it. That way we can make sure that the system meets your requirements, and that upon launch it's ready from the get go.

Ongoing Support and Aftercare

Online systems must remain secure to be useful, and KMS has a dedicated IT Support Team who regularly update our secure servers with the latest security patches and software. We also want to make sure your system remains useful in a constantly changing world, and should your requirements for the system change just let us know and we'll update it accordingly. We want you to be a success, because if your successful KMS is successful.

Want to Find out More?

Get in contact with KMS to see how we can help fulfil your software hosting needs. Every system is different and our service will be tailored to what you need from us.

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