Our hosting offer is just what you need for your website

Website built and ready to get to work? Excellent. What you need is somewhere reliable to put it knowing that it's safe and looked after. Thankfully KMS can help you out with that.

Domain, Hosting and Emails all from only £30 a Year

Our standard hosting deal gives you a domain of your choice, hosting space on our KMS Web Server, and up to 25 email accounts. This offer can be tailored to your own requirments. If you need more or less get in contact with us and we'll send you a quote.

Our Web Servers Truly are Amazing

The servers we use for hosting are constantly being updated with latest security patches by our dedicated Server Support Team. As the technology moves on our servers are also ugraded to remain reliable, safe and secure. Plus we use green energy, meaning our carbon footprint is non-existant.

Total uptime over the last 12 months: 100%

Is Your Website Made with a Template? Let us Help You.

At KMS we have decided not to provide hosting for template bases websites such as Wordpress or Joomla. We've found that, because they have been built by several contributors, they are often unstable and can cause security concerns. If you have a template site don't worry though, we can work with you to re-create your website using our own development kit, KMS 4.0, so you won't have to miss out on great hosting from us.

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Get in contact with KMS to see how we can help fulfil your web hosting needs.

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