Ensure your computer set up is reliable and efficient

Business that use lots of computer work stations rely heavily on their internal network to make sure every thing runs smoothly. As an individual you may just have a single computer but you want to make sure it's working correctly. Request an audit of your set up by KMS Solutions and we'll make sure everything is running smoothly.

Available to Both Businesses and Individuals

No matter how many computers, systems or services you have we understand that every single one of the equipment you use is important. Wether your a business or an individual we can check your setup, make some recommendations and offer somes fixes and best practices to make sure everything continues to work perfectly.

How Does an Audit Work?

An audit is essentially an observation of how you are using your technology on a daily basis. Once the observation is over we'll compile a report for you based on our findings and offer advice and solutions on how to make your set up better. Sometimes you may not need any suggestions, so we won't make any.

How Much Does an Audit Cost?

An audit is priced based on the number of computers and other devices within an organisation. Roughly you are looking at around £30 per computer, but this is likely to change depending on how long the audit takes and in what condition the equipment is in. We will always quote the cost of an audit before we carry it out, meaning you won't be stung with any additional charges.

Want us to Check Your Set up Over?

Simply get in contact with KMS Solutions by visiting our contact page and we'll be happy to discuss arranging an audit for you.

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